BenQ HT2050A Review

BenQ makes world-class and premium-quality home theatre projectors. Here we are going to review for you the BenQ HT2050A model. So, without wasting any minute, let us all check out the details.

It looks like the most top-notch home theatre projector. Furthermore, you get 2200 lumens, accurate colors, and impressive picture quality. The low input lag feature makes it a suitable model and pick for people who love streaming and gaming on projectors. Rest, it is flexible and quick to set up.

Big projection, big screen, and satisfactory audio-visual experience make it a catchy pick so far. You end up catching full HD visuals. Feel free to place the BenQ HT2050A projector inside or outside your home premises.

There is no need to rush to cinemas to watch movies. Get hold of this projector and grasp the most authentic and genuine cinematic vibe. It exhibits a short throw, and the special Game Mode delivers the epic gaming time.

Overview of BenQ HT2050A

The BenQ HT2050A is low-latency gaming and streaming projector. It gives impressive picture quality, a flexible and hassle-free installation, and low input lag. And the DMD response time, 1.3X zoom, and keystone correction are its other catchy qualities. Varied mounting options are there, and it is up to you how you want to position and set up this projector.

Due to the keystone correction, there will be no blurry and trapezoid effects on the images if you have positioned the projector at an indirect angle. No doubt, it is a spectacular and high-quality 1080p projector which is a treat for every person who loves streaming and gaming.

Its full HD visuals, impressive detailing, clarity, and sharpness marks it one of the finest models. Alongside, it is packed with a 10-watt power speaker set for giving excellent sound quality. The whole experience gets elevated when crisp and clear sound is given out.

BenQ HT2050A Review

BenQ HT2050A Review

Key Features

  • Maximum brightness and 2200 lumens rating
  • High responsiveness and big projection
  • Flexible and hassle-free connectivity
  • Award-winning design and DLP technology
  • 3D Performance
  • On-board and powerful audio system

Key Specifications

BrandBenQHardware interfaceVGA, USB, and HDMI
ModelHT2050AMounting typeCeiling Mount
Brightness2200 LumenCompatibility HDTV Compatibility
TechnologyDLP technologyUSPAward-winning design

Features of BenQ HT2050A

Many 1080p projectors are available in the shops, but the BenQ HT2050A seems an attractive pick. It delivers superior and clear picture quality, and the brightness scale ranges up to 2200 lumens. The high contrast ratio and exceptional color accuracy will make you fall in love with it definitely:

1. Maximum brightness and 2200 lumens rating

BenQ has promised that you will get bright colors and excellent picture quality. In this respective model, the brightness scale extends up to 2200 lumens. Cheap projectors look green when set at the highest brightest mode, but this model exhibits clear and blurry-free images. You catch up with the realistic and cinematic range if you have set the HT2050A’s color range at full brightness mode.

2. High responsiveness and big projection

The BenQ HT2050A is a blend of high responsiveness and big projection. It has a low input lag feature and is sheathed with unique gaming and streaming modes. You will get a wow-watching experience because the projection reaches up to 100 inches if you have placed the projector 8 feet away.

3. Flexible and hassle-free connectivity

HT2050A is a high-end projector; it offers a flexible and hassle-free connectivity mechanism. It is compatible with media players, PC systems, gaming consoles, and mobile phones. Moreover, it supports the hardware interface options like HDMI and USB.

4. Award-winning design and DLP technology

Gamers and streamers have preferred using the BenQ projectors because they have award-winning designs and functions on the DLP technology. In the same way, the HT2050A model has a highly-rated design that is gaming and streaming-friendly. The price you pay will give you the best return and experience for sure!

Furthermore, it functions on the DLP technology mode, and 90% of the top-notch cinemas use this similar technology. While watching your favorite movie on it, you will feel as if you are sitting in a Digital IMAX theater. 

5. 3D Performance

One of the catchy qualities of HT2050A is that it supports and backs the full 3D mode. You notice the 3D performance every time you turn on this projector. Moreover, you can turn on or off the Brilliant Color setting; the choice is yours.

People generally perceive that 3D projectors are comparatively dimmer than 2D, but the BenQ HT2050A remains the brighter of all and no longer give the dim picture quality.

6. On-board and powerful audio system

The presence of a powerful audio system has increased the value and worth of BenQ HT2050A. The 10-watt mono speaker brings maximum volume and crisp sound quality. Whether watching a movie, show or playing a game, the distorting-free sound experience remains guaranteed.

Pros & Cons of BenQ HT2050A


  • Superior and excellent picture quality
  • High responsiveness and award-winning design
  • DLP technology and HDTV compatibility


  • A bit delayed replies from the customer service department


What do you mean by the throw of a projector?

The throw of a projector means the distance existing between the projector and also the image on the screen. In addition, the most common and ideal projector throw ratio is around and about 2.0. 

How to improve the overall image quality of the projector?

The projector’s image quality can be improved by adjusting the projector focus and checking the lens condition and quality. Besides, you must change the projector positioning, adjust the keystone correction, and modify the resolution range and sharpness.

Are DLP projectors better than LED?

DLP projectors produce high-quality colors, consume less power, and come with no maintenance costs. On the other hand, the LED projectors are compact and small and produce less heat. The only drawback is that they show limited brightness compared to DLP.


You can now share your thoughts on the BenQ HT2050A home theatre projector with us. Overall, you get satisfactory color accuracy, three-dimensionality, solid black levels, and top-tier shadow detailing. It is recommended to keep it in the rooms packed with ambient light. An impressive model is in front of you for gamers and streamers; so go and get it!

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