BenQ TH671ST Review

How about ordering the BenQ TH671ST projector? Yes, you can give it a try! It is the most dynamic projector model, which is ideal for playing games, streaming, and watching movies. The low input lag action, high brightness, maximum resolution, and 3000 lumens rating make it a world-class and super impressive projector model.

It belongs to the short throw projector category, and the gaming mode makes it the top pick for gamers. With 3000 lumens, you will get clear picture quality and peak brightness even if your room’s lights are turned on. Thus, it is high time to play video games on the big screen, and that is possible if you plan to invest your money in the BenQ TH671ST model.

Rest, it has 5W speakers, and this projector is so easy to set up. Enjoy having the immersive and smooth gaming time because the TH671ST will always give you an ultra-fast response time. You can go through the remaining details now:

Overview of BenQ TH671ST

Unparalleled picture quality, suitable for gaming and streaming, award-winning design, and bright picture quality- all these features are spotted in the BenQ TH671ST projector. The brand has promised and fully endorsed that you will get peak color accuracy, 3000 lumens, high brightness, maximum contrast ratio, and 1080 resolution from this model.

The purest and genuine gaming, cinematic, and streaming experiences are offered, which seems jaw-opening to think about! We are sure that your gaming sessions will become extremely enjoyable because the gaming mode and low input lag manage to match the maximum output of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

The playing time will become hassle-free and smooth with no motion blurring and distortion. Furthermore, you will get a 3-year limited warranty on the parts and labor, and the US-based customer service department seems to look professional and active as well.

BenQ TH671ST Review

BenQ TH671ST Review

Key Features

  • Full HD and 1080p resolution
  • Low Input Lag
  • Lots of game modes
  • Suitable for all lighting conditions
  • Compatible with many gaming consoles
  • Vertical Keystone Correction
  • Lamp save mode

Key Specifications

BrandBenQBrightness3000 Lumens
ModelTH671STWattage320 watts
ProjectionUp to 300 inchesHardware interfaceVGA, HDMI, and USB 2.0 Type A
Mounting typeCeiling MountUSPUnparalleled and excellent picture quality

Features of BenQ TH671ST

As it is well explanatory that it is a full HD projector that shows the 1080p resolution. Below you can learn more about its features and how well it performs:

1. Full HD and 1080p resolution

The BenQ TH671ST is an exemplary high-end projector that levels up your gaming sessions. It is a full HD projector that projects the images in a cinematic style and brings hyper-realistic and HDR detailing into your games.

2. Low Input Lag

You need to understand that the low input lag feature is significant and of prime importance for gamers. They prefer those projectors with reduced input lag, and BenQ TH671ST is one of them. Reduced input lag reaches up to 16ms. Rest, due to the microsecond DMD response time, the gaming experience will be without lag or blur.

3. Lots of game modes

The BenQ TH671ST has lots of game modes. These respective modes are going to fine-tune and enhance the quality of images. In addition, these modes augment the shadowy scene quality, brings more sharpness and clarity, and also 100% visual precision.

4. Suitable for all lighting conditions

The TH671ST projector is suitable for all lighting conditions. You will get great pictures whether you have set up this projector in the dark or light rooms. Furthermore, BenQ LumiExpert detects and quickly spots the ambient light conditions and gives you the best streaming and gaming time.

One of its unique selling points is that it automatically adjusts the images to get a blurry-free and impressive display. Rest; no strain will come into your eyes whether you stream or game on the projector for hours and hours.

5. Compatible with many gaming consoles

The reviewed projector model is compatible with many gaming consoles. You will undoubtedly get the mind-blowing experience the minute this projector gets connected with Sony PS4 or Nintendo Switch. You can even connect it with Xbox One X or Google Stadia. 

6. Superior and Impressive Short Throw for Any Space

The user witnesses a superior and impressive short throw for all kinds of spaces. Besides, you will get big-screen fun because you can zoom the image up to 1.2x times.

7. Vertical Keystone Correction

Adjusting the image on this BenQ TH671ST projector will no longer be a hassle. You can adjust and set the image in any manner and get the most professional, blurry-free, and cinematic square picture quality. 

8. Lamp save Mode

The activation of lamp save mode extends and prolongs the lamp life conveniently up to 15000 hours. If you use the projector for 4 hours daily, the projector’s lifespan will reach over 10 years.

Pros & Cons


  • Low input lag
  • Projection up to 300 inches
  • Suitable for gaming


  • A bit heavyweight


Are 4K projectors worth it for gaming?

Yes, 4K projectors are always worthy for gaming. They have become the excellent and most ideal choice for playing all sorts of video games. In addition, such projectors are injected with the enhanced gaming mode, which brings down the input lag by over 4ms in full and high-definition mode.

Is it possible to stream on projectors?

Yes, you can use projectors for streaming. What you need to do is to get a streaming device. For example, you can have Roku or Fire Stick and get it connected with the projector through HDMI. In this manner, you can watch TV channels and stream YouTube TV and fuboTV on the projector.

Is it necessary to change the bulb in a projector?

You need to replace or change the projector bulb when it starts to dim and display blurry images. As soon as the bulb light reaches half of its original luminescence, you must replace it to maintain the image quality.


So, what are you thinking now? Get hold of the BenQ TH671ST projector and bring a real value and cinematic theatre-like experience into your streaming and gaming session. This 1080p gaming and short-throw projector is here to entertain you. Try it out and let us know your views.

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