BenQ TK800M Review

If you love streaming Netflix and could not find one epic projector model, we are here to help you out then! Get hold of the BenQ TK800M and pay your thanks later on. Audiences have loved using this reviewed home theatre projector. It functions on the 4K UHD mode and exhibits HLG and HRD settings.

In addition, 3000 lumens are given so that this projector works best and perfectly under ambient lighting. Besides, it seems an excellent performer, which gives a good light output range, crisp colors, powerful audio, and sharpness. Undoubtedly, BenQ has always upped its game whenever it plans to make and introduce new projector models. You can go through the remaining details on the TK800M from the below-mentioned section:

Overview of BenQ TK800M

The BenQ TK800M model functions on the 4K projection technology and showcases improved picture clarity. You can stream and play games in the 4K mode, which is impressive. Most importantly, this model exhibit 8.3 million pixels and the user receives jaw-opening and impressive image quality, colors, and audio quality. The detailing and sharpness look crisply defined.

Rest, the DLP technology has made this model a better pick and comparatively better choice. Due to the enhanced resolution, the quality of images becomes blurry-free and not at all distorted. The 4K mode lets you play games and stream shows without hassle. On the other hand, the lower input lag makes gaming and streaming actually a fun-filled experience for the user.

You can get this projector connected with PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch and enjoy playing games as much as possible. BenQ promises that the picture quality will never become dull or hazy because of the high contrast ratio. Thus, the 3000 Lumens of brightness and all glass-made 4k-optimized lens enhance image clarity.

BenQ TK800M review

BenQ TK800M review

Key Features

  • DLP design and 4K UHD resolution
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Suitable for video gaming
  • Peak light output
  • Advanced audio system
  • Connectivity options
  • Prolonged lamp life
  • Optimal color balance

Key Specifications

BrandBenQPixels8.3 million pixels
ModelTK800MPicture quality4K
Brightness3000 LumenContrast ratioHigh
Best forGaming and streaming NetflixUSPAll glass and 4k-optimized lens

Features of BenQ TK800M Review

If you think your current home-entertainment projector does not offer a cinematic experience, you must stop using it and order the BenQ TK800M model. Below you can go through the details of its features and know why this model has become the top pick:

1. DLP design and 4K UHD resolution

The BenQ TK800M has a DLP design and offers a 4K UHD resolution. Furthermore, the single imaging chip infused displays the native resolution range of1920×1080. The pixel and picture quality look great. You will notice that the pixels get shifted so quickly and effortlessly that your eyes receive a combined resolution experience of 3840×2160 on the projector screen.

2. Lightweight and easy to set up

This reviewed model has a lightweight design, and it weighs just 9.2 pounds. The compact design makes it quick and trouble-free to set up. You can carry this projector easily from one room to another whenever you feel like it, keep it in the car or office or carry it while you travel.

3. Suitable for video gaming

The input lag reaches 48ms, which is why the BenQ TK800M model is the most appropriate pick for video gaming. Your gaming session will become double enjoyable and epic because this projector delivers a high dynamic range. In addition, the HDR format is meant for live broadcasting, watching movies, and streaming content. 

4. Peak light output

The 3000 lumens rating makes it the best sports projector so far. You get a peak light output because the model is packed with the dedicated picture mode settings. You can watch all your favorite sports on it and get the vibe as if you are sitting in a cinema.

Moreover, the RGBW color wheel has increased the color gamut from 92% to 96%. You receive vivid colors, crisp picture quality, and maximum brightness without blurriness and distortion. Thus, this projector can easily withstand ambient light and project the image in a cinematic manner.

5. Advanced audio system

The previous models of BenQ lack an advanced audio system, but TK800M is incorporated with the latest and most advanced audio system. The onboard sound system makes the watching experience realistic and larger than life. This time, the brand has devoted its attention to introducing a kind of speaker system that is robust and improved.

The speaker contains an aluminum diaphragm, and the neodymium magnet enhances and improves the performance of the sonic spectrum. Rest, this system has custom-tuned sound modes and consistently gives excellent sound quality.

6. Includes remote control with dedicated buttons

You can operate this projector with a remote control which is further packed with dedicated and user-friendly buttons. Furthermore, the remote has a backlight to use hassle-freely even in the dark. The projector’s top side has controls as well.

7. Impressive clarity and high picture-quality

TK800M projector shows impressive clarity, well-defined pixels, and high picture quality. It offers 3840×2160 resolution, no blurry and hazy effects, and 8.3 million pixels. The overall picture quality comes out to be crisply defined and excessive climatic looking. Alongside, the 4K-optimized lens array, which has a low-dispersion coating, makes the viewing experience further top-notch.

8. Connectivity options

You will spot audio and video connectivity options in it. There are two HDMI ports. One is the HDCP 2.2 port which is compatible with 4K devices. The other port is meant for 1080p devices. 

9. Prolonged lamp life

The lamp life of the BenQ TK800M projector reaches up to 4000 hours. However, if you run it on the SmartEco mode, you can prolong the lamp life from 4000 hours to 15000 hours.

10. Optimal color balance

One of the USPs of BenQ TK800M is that it showcases the wide color gamut. As mentioned above, you catch up to 8.3 million pixels. In addition, due to the special HDR processing, you get the optimal color balance and high contrast ratio. Thus, BenQ’s new and highly advanced 4K color wheel eliminates blur and enhances the color scheme.

Pros & Cons BenQ TK800M


  • Stunning clarity
  • Better image resolution
  • All glass-made 4k-optimized lens


  • Limited guarantee


Can you connect Bluetooth audio device to a projector?

You can connect the Bluetooth audio device to a projector. This includes headphones or speakers. While making a connection, make sure that the Bluetooth audio device needs to be A2DP compliant. 

Is it possible to change the lens on the projector?

Yes, you can change the projector’s lens if it has become damaged and does not perform up to the mark. Simply remove the old lens and replace it with a new one. Individuals replace the lens because they start showing lower and cheap projection quality due to the accumulation of dust or cracks.

Are 1000 lumens projectors bright enough?

Yes, 1000 lumens projectors seem bright enough if you keep them in 100% light-controlled rooms. Such projectors should be placed in rooms packed with some ambient light, and no direct lighting should be there.


If you still have questions on the BenQ TK800M projector review, you can ask us. You will definitely find this projector a versatile and good pick for personal and professional use. It is surprisingly affordable and displays excellent black levels while maintaining sharpness and color accuracy. Stay connected for more updates.

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