Epson 1060 vs 2150

Here you can check out the in-depth comparison on Epson 1060 vs 2150. Epson is a big brand that has always come up with top-notch and top-of-the-line home theatre projectors. Every model shows a blend of durability, sharpness, crisp detailing, and 100% bright picture quality. Below you can see which model is comparatively better, so let us have a look at the details:

Epson 1060 projector

Epson 1060 home theatre projector exhibits top-of-the-line qualities and features. It shows full HD and 1080p resolution, widescreen, bright and cinematic picture quality, and projection up to 300 inches. You get life-sized images, and they manage to become larger and bigger up to 25x times. Crisp quality is assured whether you project the image on a screen or blank wall.

No doubt, it is an ideal model that works for a wide range of lighting conditions. It is encased with the 3100 lumens rating and keeps the colors and black and white levels 100% balanced and optimized. Rest, the user experiences versatile connectivity. You will spot 2x HDMI ports that you can connect with your cable or satellite box or gaming console or with any kind of streaming device.

More about the Epson 1060 projector

The catchy part is that the Epson 1060 projector functions on innovative and advanced 3LCD technology. Due to this technology, the action scenes and gaming environment becomes more thrilling, amazing, and super-entertaining. No rainbow effects are there, and it is recommended to keep the projector at the operating distance of 19.0 feet, which is approximately 6.0 meters.

So, do you want to get your hands on the Epson Home Cinema Theatre 1060 projector? Yes, you should be! It is of excellent value, delivers the best and outstanding picture quality, and is available at a budget-friendly price. When positioning and placing it, multiples of options are there.

Furthermore, its lamp generates 3,100 lumens of brightness to produce a sharp, precise picture in all sorts of indoor lighting conditions. The short-throw ratio also looks amazing. On the other hand, the 2D keystone adjustment feature lets the user adjust the off layouts if you have set up the projector in small-sized rooms.

Pros & Cons


  • Widescreen up to 300 inches 
  • Suitable for all lighting conditions
  • Versatile connectivity 


  • It seems a bit unsuitable pick for outdoors

Epson 2150 Projector

Moving onto the review about the Epson 2150 projector! It is another great pick that you can have. It shows compatibility with a range of lighting conditions because the 2500 lumens rating is there. Sharp colors are delivered, and both black and white levels exhibit 100% brightness, no distortion, and rainbow effects.

Furthermore, the colors projected look rich, realistic, and not at all misrepresented. The contrast ratio is the highlight of this model. It reaches up to 60,000:1 to give richer detailing and bring extensive sharpness and crispiness to the picture quality.

More about the Epson 2150 projector

Besides, Epson has used advanced projection technology in it. Every time, the image quality looks so enhanced, superior, and boosted that our eyes and minds simply cannot believe it! You can do the wireless screen mirroring, including the apps using Miracast.

Rest, you can stream HD TV, watch movies, and play games. It supports and shows 100% compatibility with the MHL-enabled devices, and you will surely love its overall use. Giving you a bit of the technical details, the color processing reaches to full 10 bits, and the fan noise is from 29 dB to 37 dB

Pros & Cons


  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Enhanced projection technology
  • Wireless screen mirroring 


  • Runs out of stock quickly

Which is better?

Now, you can see which model is better, whether Epson 1060 or 2150!

Wireless capability- Epson 2150 is the winner

The Epson 2150 wins when it comes to wireless capability. It seems one of the biggest advantages and USPs that this model holds over the other projector models.

Picture quality- Epson 2150 is the winner

The Epson 2150 model shows a better and improved picture quality. Moreover, the images look sharper, precise, rich, and more detailed. You get a better color contrast as well as more realistic-looking images. 

Throw ratio and brightness: Epson 1060 is the winner

When it comes to the throw ratio and brightness, Epson 1060 wins in this category. This respective model shows lumens rating up to 3100 lumens which keeps the image quality bright enough under all lighting conditions.

Projection and maximum screen size: Epson 1060 is the winner

Ideal widescreen projection and enhanced image quality are delivered by Epson 1060 projector. You get a 2D keystone correction feature and zoom feature too! The projection reaches up to 300 inches. And 2150 model projection extends only up to 132 inches.

Resolution and display technology- Both Epson 1060 and 2150 are winners

You will catch up with a 1080p resolution in both of these models. And 3LCD technology is used. Furthermore, both of these versions are suitable for gaming, watching movies, and streaming.

Connectivity options- Both Epson 1060 and 2150 are the winners

Epson 1060 and 2150 projectors offer flexible connectivity options. The only difference is that Epson 2150 has onboard wireless connectivity with Miracast capability. In this manner, you will be able to stream content hassle-freely and easily from your mobile phones, tablets, and all range of laptops.


So, what’s the bottom line? Both Epson 1060 and 2150 projectors are high-performing. They withstand all lighting conditions and successfully display excellent image quality. You receive the throw ratio, sharpness, and brightness that are simply beyond your imagination.

Thus, get a truer and more amazing theater experience and set up these projectors in the brightly lit rooms or the darkened rooms. If you have already tried out Epson 1060 and Epson 2150, you can share with us which model you find more good and valuable! Stay tuned.

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