How to Clean a Projector Inside Lens

We have a task for you! Just check whether your projector interior, exterior housing, and lens are filled with dust or not? You can follow up on this guide if they are accumulated with grime and grease. It tells you how to clean a lens projector without putting much effort. Be very careful while cleaning this delicate projector component because harsh rubbing might damage it.

Items needed to clean the projector lens

  • Compressed air
  • Soft Microfiber cloth
  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Brush
  • Tissue papers

Step 1- Turn off the projector 

Before cleaning, you must turn off the projector. Let it cool for some time. If you start to clean a projector while it is still hot, there is a chance that its components, including the lens, might break. In addition, unplug the cords.

Step 2- Disassemble the projector

When the projector gets cooled down, you can disassemble it. Open its housing and access the lens. There is a latch button located at the side of every projector. You only have to press it, and the projector housing will get divided into two parts.

Step 3- Clean the interior components 

Thoroughly clean the interior side of the projector. Get compressed air and spray it on the components. Keep the spray at a distance of 3 to 4 inches away from the housing and give out short bursts of air. Spray the compressed air around the fan and throughout the entire interior housing. You can utilize a lens blower cleaner and a good-quality lens brush for cleaning the lens. Avoid blowing air with your mouth.

Step 4- Remove the dust with a microfiber cloth

There should not be any dust particles in any of your projector components and lens. Get a microfiber cloth and perform the remaining cleaning process. Moreover, avoid introducing any excessive moisture into your cleaning process.

Spray the lens cleaner on the towel and clean the lens. Wipe the surface gently and smoothly and rub the cleaning solution in a circular motion. You should not touch the lens surface with your hands. In doing so, the lens will get fingerprints on it.

Step 5- Clean the exterior housing of the projector

You must not forget to clean the exterior housing of your projector. Get a moistened cloth and remove all traces of dust. Furthermore, clean the fan vent.

Step 6: Assemble the projector once you are done

The exterior and interior housing and also the lens has been properly cleaned. You can assemble the projector and snapback its components into their respective location.

What to Use to Clean a Projector Lens Thoroughly?

Remember that the projector lens is generally made of the most delicate and sensitive glass material. It is highly vulnerable to breakage and needs frequent cleaning. You must have the right cleaning equipment to make the lens dust and spot-free.

  • Lens spray
  • Soft cloth, microfiber towel
  • Special lens cleaning tissue papers

You need a good-quality lens spray and a soft cleaning cloth. It will be best if you use a microfiber towel. Such a fabric remains exclusively meant and intended to clean the glass surfaces. Abrasive fabric materials bring a lot of smudges and scratches onto your projector lens. There is a likelihood that cleaning the lens with an abrasive towel will damage it permanently. There are also special lens-cleaning papers available in the shops.

Use the lens cleaning liquid free of flammable and chemical substances. The harsh cleaning agents damage and fully deteriorate the lens quality. Whenever you buy a solution, look for one that does not have alcohol, benzene, or any traces of detergents or solvents.

It is a must for you to grab lens cleaning tissue papers and avoid using normal tissues. The regular tissue papers have abrasive fibers and bring cuts and marks on the lens surface.

How to prevent the projector lens from becoming dusty and muddy?

You can follow many tips to prevent the projector lens from getting muddy and dusty. Here you can have a look at these easy to follow tips:

Tip # 1

Keep the projector fan properly and thoroughly cleaned. This practice ensures that no dust or dirt gets gathered on the lens. The fan guarantees to keep the dust away from the lens if cleaned regularly. You can wipe it by using a damp cloth.

Tip # 2

Always set up an air purifier close to your projector. The main purpose of air purifiers is to keep the surrounding dust and dirt-free. If you have positioned an air purifier closer to the projector, its lens and interior and exterior housings will remain spot-free.

Tip # 3

It is a must for you to cover the lens when the projector is not in use. The uncovered lens is vulnerable to getting dust and mud on it. So, please put on the cap on the lens and keep it cleaned for the longest time.

Tip # 4

There is no need to expose the projector lens to dust and fingerprints. Make it a practice to put on the lens lid or cap so that the lens remains protected against dirt particles and no longer becomes muddy.

Tip # 5

You can even invest in a good-quality projector bag. When not in use, simply secure the projector in the bag and keep it dust and dirt-free.

Importance of having a clean projector lens

  • A clean projector lens gives high-image quality and prevents distortion and blurriness.
  • In addition, a spot-free and dust-free lens maintains the image vibrancy. Overall, the quality of the projected image no longer suffers.
  • The picture does not look hazy, out of focus, or blurred. 


So, are you ready to perform a regular and easy-to-follow cleaning job for your projector lens? Yes, you should be!

A spotless lens matters a lot for a projector. It prevents the image from becoming cloudy, blurry, and dim. A fully cleaned projector also gets a longer lifespan and guarantees optimum and excellent image quality. Stay tuned.

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