How To Connect A Speaker To A Projector in 2022


With every passing day, the world is witnessing innovation in all the gadgets used in our everyday lives. Their features are enhanced, and the new products being introduced in the markets have way better specifications than their older counterparts. This calls for learning new information to utilize the product in question when the time comes. 

Most of the gadgets and electronic products available in the market are associated with audio and video input-output functioning. We are all familiar with the projectors used in our offices and educational institutes. They are the perfect tools for presentation in professional space and entertainment in the personal space. But most people do not know how to connect a speaker to a projector. This article will help you in getting the desired information.

Determining The Capability Of A Projector And Its Compatibility With Different Types Of Audio Devices

Before going into the details of the process of how we can connect different audio devices with a projector, it is of the utmost importance that we determine whether our projector is compatible with the audio device you have or not. Because in the modern world, there are different types of audio output devices available, and although they all have similar functioning, their connectivity modes differ from each other. Going through the details and specifications of your product is of the utmost importance. Some of the audio devices that can be connected with the projectors are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Stereo Speakers
  • Soundbar Amplifiers
  • AV receiver
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Home Theater

The latest models of the projectors are compatible with most of the types of audio devices enlisted above, but the previous models have low connectivity numbers. Also, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity specifications are present only in the latest projectors available in the market.

1. How To Connect A Stereo Type Speaker With The Projector

The procedure of connecting stereo type speakers with the projectors is effortless, and it is mentioned step by step below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Determine that the device you intend to use has speakers of its own.
  • Take a look at the audio device and determine whether both speakers work with a single cable or if the left or the right portions have separate cables.
  • Most of the stereo-type speakers work with a single connective cable.
  • Now take the wire up to the projector and locate the slot indicating the “Audio Out” phrase.
  • Now plug the male head of the connective portion of the stereo speaker wire into the projector.
  • The audio device is all set to go. Now play and enjoy.

2. How To Connect Soundbar Amplifiers With The Projectors

The soundbar amplifiers stand second in place in the list of audio devices. Below we have mentioned the step by step procedure of connecting them with a projector:

  • First of all, examine the device and locate the connectivity wire of the soundbar amplifier speakers.
  • You will find that the plugs intended to be inserted in the slots are fewer than the stereo system. 
  • Now locate the connective head of the wire of the soundbar amplifiers and take it up to the project.
  • Apply a similar procedure with the stereotype speaker connection.
  • Insert the connective head in the slot, and you are good to go.
  • The connective portion of the soundbar amplifier speakers may vary because they support different connective heads ranging from 3.5 mm to HDMI.

3. How To Connect An AV Receiver With The Projector

Connecting the AV receiver with the projector is as easy as mentioned in the procedure below:

  • First, ensure that the projector and the audio devices are switched off.
  • Now locate the projector’s sound port or “Audio Out” port.
  • Take the audio cables to the port and insert them in the above-listed slots.
  • Now take the other connectors and insert them in the slot labeled as “Aux-In” on the rear end of the AV receiver.
  • Now switch on both the devices.
  • Locate the “Source” button on the AVR. Press it and select the Aux option from the control panel.
  • Wait for a sound from the projector to determine the connectivity status. If you hear the alert, you are good to go; otherwise, repeat the procedure.

4. How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker With The Projectors

This is an advanced option available in only a few latest models of the projectors. Below you will find the details to connect Bluetooth speakers with projectors:

  • Determine if your device is Bluetooth compatible or not.
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your audio device.
  • Now go up to the projector and switch on the Bluetooth of the projector.
  • Now scan for the available audio devices. 
  • Select your audio device and pair the projector with the speakers.
  • Once the pairing is complete, the connectivity is also complete with the Bluetooth speakers, and you are good to go.

5. How To Connect Home Theater With The Projectors 

Connecting the home theater is the most complex process of all. The below-mentioned procedure will help you connect your home theater to the projectors:

  • Determine the device you want to use to reroute the audio and video signals. E.g., AVR, splitter, or switches.
  • Once you have determined the device you want to use, use an HDMI cable to connect the media source with the projector for video broadcasting.
  • Now take another HDMI cable to connect the media device with the AVR.
  • Later on, connect the AVR to the external speakers. 
  • Recheck all the connections, and you are good to go.


Sometimes the tasks that look simple are not that easy at all. Similarly, suppose you wonder how to connect a speaker to a projector. In that case, this is the only article that will guide you step by step to achieve the desired results with perfect productivity.

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