Optoma HD146X Review


Projectors come in handy for keeping yourself entertained on a weekend or a free day. Binge-Watching Netflix on your laptop is fun but watching a series on a bigger screen is thrilling. Affording a flat screen tv with a multiplex screen will not do any good to your pocket. Hence, it is better to get your hands on a beginner-level, a more affordable projector that brings more clarity. 

We decided to do an Optoma HD146V review as it is one of the best ones in the market. With 3600 lumens, you can watch your favorite series even with the lights on. Whether you want to get a cinematic experience or watch shows with light open, the Optoma projector is favorable for both. It has a perfect picture alignment technology with a single-chip design for better performance. The high-quality color calibration makes you feel like you are in a cinema. Let’s dive in further and analyze why the Optoma HD146X projector is worth your money. 

Overview of Optoma HD146X 

The Optoma HD146X model has gained immense popularity due to its exceptionally lightweight design and performance. Whether you want to have a fun evening in your backyard or a cinematic experience in your room, the Optoma projector works for all. 

The 3600 ANSI lumen brightness works seamlessly to enhance the vivid imagery. You can watch your favorite shows with lights on or close them for a cinematic feel. The DMD single-chip design helps perfect image alignment adding seamless clarity and better visual effects. It provides users with more clarity when seeing dark scenes. 

Optoma HD146X Review

Optoma HD146X Review

Key Features

  • Modern design
  • Spectacular performance
  • Great lamp life
  • More image clarity and depth
  • Works in Ambient lighting

Key specifications

Lumens  3600 
Wattage  5 watts  
Mounting type  Ceiling mount 
Model number  HD146X 
Hardware interface USB, HDMI, AUX 

Features of Optoma HD156X 

1. Modern design

The Optoma HD156X projector is unlike most on the market, with heavy-duty material holding the inner magic. It has a 6-panel color wheel making the pictures appear more vivid and bright. The crisp and high-resolution 1080p HD videos make your viewing experience better than anything. It has a hard black body with a conventional mount for easy placement anywhere. It would be best if you mount it on the ceiling. 

Despite having a sturdy base, it is quite lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Due to its ultra-sufficient brightness, the projector works best in any corner and in different light situations. It has varying color panels that add more clarity and help in balancing out the brightness. 

The projector weighs 6.2 pounds, which is lighter than the most available. With a 9 feet 8 inches display, you will have a great time watching a movie with your loved ones. The vertical keystone adjustment adds more image clarity making the projector worth every penny. It also has 1.1x zoom and auto-focus for added clarity. 

2. Spectacular performance

If you want a projector with spectacular performance and great image quality at an affordable price, Optoma HD156X won’t disappoint you. It has a comparatively better low-light and dark scene performance than most projectors in the same price range. 

It has a 3600 ANSI lumen brightness, which provides a vivid image quality even with the lights on. However, to enjoy dark or low-light scenes better, the brightness should be well-adjusted, and the lights should be closed. It has a great response technology allowing you to switch to game mood and adjust your vision to dark shadows. 

3. Great lamp life

Higher lamp life is the key if you want a projector that will last you for ages. Investing your money solely on a projector with high lumens would not cut it for movie lovers. The Optoma HD156X projector has a 15,000-hour lamp life. 

You can use the Optoma projector for about ten years if you use it for four hours every day. For the price you pay for the projector, it is a great deal that you should not miss out on. It does not only give you an immersive experience but is super easy to operate. 

4. More image clarity and depth

Usually, projectors have a crappy focus when dealing with low-light scenes. However, the Optoma HD156X is entirely different as it allows you to have a fun experience using its dynamic black technology. It helps in adjusting the shadows in low light scenes adding more clarity. 

The 500,000:1 brightness ratio helps add more depth to the images making them visually appealing. The HDMI link feature helps you make the most out of the projector, making it work tirelessly to entertain you. On the other hand, its lightning-fast response makes it versatile and ideal for gaming. 

5. Works in Ambient lighting

Most projectors do not work in ambient lighting, let alone ambient lighting. However, the HD156X projector is all you need to get entertained in all kinds of lighting. Its 3600-lumen brightness provides perfect brightness even when watching with lights on. 

It is a multi-purpose projector that works for different settings. Whether outdoors in the evening or picnicking at the park, the projector will make things even more fun. It is an ideal gift for people and serves multiple purposes. The built-in speaker system also provides better lighting. 

Pros and Cons


  • 3600-lumen brightness
  • HDMI-link
  • 500,000:1 brightness
  • Designed for ambient lighting
  • Delivers the best dark scenes 
  • Provides a 3D effect 
  • Add the perfect contrast


  • No image shifts
  • Low-quality sound

Final Verdict 

The Optoma HD156X projector is one of the best purchases you can make if you are a Netflix and movie lover. With faster adjustment to darkness, video quality is much better and more enjoyable. It has 3600 lumens brightness making the video appear clearer even in a well-lit room. You may need external speakers, but it is a perfect package otherwise. 

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