Optoma UHD38 Review


Life is nothing without colors. These colors make our lives beautiful. This is precisely why it is of the utmost importance that the people in the modern world seeking display devices of low quality should uplift their standards and choose products with high-end characteristics. 

The Optoma UHD38 Review will help you understand that some products are available in the market that are different from the others, and the specifications of these products cannot be matched with the rest of the options. 

Also, if we try to match the performance and productivity, you will always find the product in question ranked at the top. Gaming and entertainment lovers are always seeking perfect projectors. This particular product is designed for those gamers who seek a lag-free display.

Overview of Optoma UHD38

The manufacturing industry of display devices is filled with hundreds of names offering quality products. Among these names, Optoma is an organization determined to deliver excellence to its customers. There is no compromise in the image processing offered in the different devices manufactured by Optoma. 

Especially the projectors designed for professional and entertainment purposes are the brand’s specialty. With Texas Instruments pioneering the embedded DLP technology, these projectors will surely make you feel better. The vast spread network of headquarters in the Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, and China increases the trust in the brand’s name.

If we talk about the product in question, Optoma UHD38, we will come across a product that offers a UHD display with no lagging. The embedded enhanced gaming mode offers a higher refreshing rate leading to faster response times and perfect results.

Optoma UHD38 Review

Optoma UHD38 Review

Key Features

  • The compact size
  • The simple setup
  • The increased brightness
  • The built-in speakers
  • A projector perfect for gaming
  • The high-performance projector

Key Specifications

Model NameOptoma UHD38
Hardware interfaceVGA, USB
Mounting typeTable Mount, Ceiling Mount
Wattage10 Watts

Features of Optoma UHD38

1. The compact size

Many people prefer the performance of the product. But if the product’s looks are not up to the mark, then the performance does not matter at all. This is why it is of the utmost importance that the dimensions of the projectors are kept compact. The Optoma UHD38 is a compact device with perfect dimensions of 12.4 x 10.63 x 4.65 inches. 

Also, if we talk about the product’s weight, then it is comparatively lighter, making it more compact with a mark of 3.98 Kg. Thus, the displacement, repositioning, and movement of Optoma UHD38 are comparatively easier than the rest of the products available in the market.

2. The simple setup

Many devices fail because of the complex setup mechanism. On the other hand, Optoma UHD38 has a simple setup. A closer look will help you find the ring present around the lens, and the lever on the back allows the repositioning to 1.1x zoom. 

If we talk about the aspect ratio, then the details help us understand that the values stand at 1.5:1. Thus, if you seek a picture on a 100-inch screen, you must place it at least 3 meters away from the screen. You will find the absence of a manual lever intended for lens shifting too.

3. The increased brightness

It is impossible to get a perfect display without the proper light and brightness. The Optoma UHD38 offers different bright times. Thus, the specifications help us understand that the projector is bright for up to 4000 hours in the bright mode. 

Comparatively, if the projector is operating in the dynamic mode, the time will be shifted to 15000 hours. Also, in the eco mode, you will find the Optoma UHD38 to light for 10000 hours. This enhanced brightness offers perfect results and a display that will blow your mind. Also, the 4000 ANSI lumens offer a higher brightness level.

4. The built-in speakers

Most of the display devices in the modern world are not equipped with audio output devices. In the case of Optoma UHD38 projectors, the product is equipped with a couple of built-in speakers. These speakers have the capability of operating at 10 W. 

Although their size is comparatively smaller, you will find the quality of the sound to be extremely decent compared to most of the audio output devices available in the market. The speakers will offer the audio output without any distortion, even at higher volumes. In some cases, you will find a muffled voice at high volumes.

5. A projector perfect for gaming

Gamers love the devices specially created for them so that they can get a tailored experience and the productivity of the product is comparatively higher than the rest of the products in the market. In the case of Optoma UHD38, the projector is designed for gaming, and the enhanced gaming mode offers low lagging. 

Although it works perfectly, you might find it hard to produce fluidity with 4K. The response times are recorded differently. In the case of 4K/ 60Hz, the response time is 16ms, and with 1080p/120 Hz, the response time is 8.9ms. Whereas with the 1080p / 240Hz, the response time is 4.2. Ms. You will find these response times in all presets, including gaming and cinema.

6. The high-performance projector

The performance of any product plays a vital role in making the customer choose it in the market. In the case of Optoma UHD38, the lag-free fluidity has ensured that the product is impressive in all sorts. With lower response times for all presets, the product is perfect. During gaming sessions, the fast action sequence offers a better experience than the products introduced in the past.

Pros and Cons


  • Increased brightness
  • Minimal lagging in input
  • Perfect for cinematic experience and movies
  • The ultrawide mode of 32:9


  • The throw lens is long
  • During a blackout, light leakage might occur
  • The black levels are satisfactory

Final Verdict

The Optoma UHD38 Review is a way to understand the market of the display devices, and the people who are new to this market should make sure that they are well acquainted with the details of the products that they are going to get for themselves. The characteristics mentioned above make the Optoma UHD38 the best product.

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