ViewSonic M2 Review


Projectors are super fun and allow you to watch your favorite shows on a bigger screen. Whether you have a movie night or want to watch a show yourself, the projector increases the thrill. It is hard to find a projector that has it all, clarity, portability, and durability. Hence, we decided to do a ViewSonic M2 review with everything you need to know. The ViewSonic projector is not only functional, but its design has a subtle approach. 

A great portable design allows users to carry it anywhere they want. The full HD ultra-portable projector allows you to have an entertainment session anywhere. Users will love the 8 feet, and 9 inches display, ideal for any room. The in-built Bluetooth speakers provide unmatchable sound clarity. You don’t have to invest in an external speaker as the projector does a great job on its own. Users enjoy a perfectly proportionate picture with vertical and horizontal keystone correction. Let’s see what else the ViewSonic M2 projector has to offer: 

Overview of ViewSonic M2 Projector 

The ViewSonic M2 projector has everything you need to have the most entertaining experience. While people invest in huge TVs costing them thousands of dollars, you can get away with a projector. With a screen option of 60-inches, 80-inches, and 100 inches, you can customize screen size according to the room size. On top of that, its reflective light technology helps protect your eyes from harmful rays that can cause retina damage. 

The auto-focus technology ensures that you get the clarity you want. The 1080p LED projector works in the best way to deliver intense picture quality. It has a shorter throw lens but a wider display, making it a perfect choice for every day. It has an ultra-lightweight design and a seamless portability option. It is the perfect projector, whether you want to have a fun movie night with friends or unwind yourself. On the other hand, it is also a great gift for movie fanatics to have a cinematic experience. 

ViewSonic M2 Review

ViewSonic M2 Review

Key Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Alternative screen sizes
  • Protects the eye
  • Great audio quality
  • Easy to put together

Key specification 

Mount type  Wall mount 
Wattage  74 watts  
Model name  M2 
Hardware interface HDMI, Bluetooth, USB 

Features of ViewSonic M2 

1. Lightweight design

Every other projector you see in the market is a big chunky box that looks ugly and not aesthetic. However, ViewSonic M2 is designed to be picture-perfect and extremely portable. With 2.1 pounds weight, it is very easy to carry around and fit in small spaces. 

The copper/ brown squarish design looks aesthetic in any part of your room. The ultra-portable technology with a banging 1080p LED display allows you to have a cinematic experience. You can travel with the lightweight projector and make your make-shift cinema anywhere. The design is more subtle and makes you have an out-of-the-world experience. 

2. Alternative screen sizes

People want to relax and watch fun content on a bigger screen. ViewSonic M2 gives it all to you and makes you have an outstanding experience. With a smaller throw lens, you see the picture from a wide-angle. Users can also customize the screen size without compromising the clarity. 

You can alternate the screen size between 60-inches, 80-inches, and 100-inches. You can increase the screen size to 8 feet and 9 inches, giving you a full-blown cinematic experience. On the other hand, the auto-focus technology helps naturally enhance clarity.  

3. Protects the eye

Watching shows back-to-back on a bigger screen can compromise your eyesight. However, the ViewSonic projector has a reflective light technology that blocks harmful rays. It has a built-in eye protection technology with blue light to soothe your sight and avoid headaches. The projector has an automatic keystone correction adjusting the images to make them ideal for your eyes. 

Users are fairly impressed by its color adjusting technology as it has a great color correction ability. However, darker scenes are not that clear, and you need to make some auto-adjustments to enhance the clarity. The motion smoothing technology also makes video quality commendable. 

4. Great audio quality

The ViewSonic M2 projector has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with impeccable sound quality. The dual Harman Kardon speakers work fairly well to deliver even sound transfer making things more fun and engaging. You also get a remote control with the projector to control the volume and sound clarity. 

The sound grail makes sure that the volume is loud enough for more clarity. Users like how the 3W speakers do a great job of seamless sound delivery. However, they might work great if the room is very large. You can connect the speakers to Bluetooth and listen to nice songs of your choice. 

5. Easy to put together

The projector is not only handy and ultra-lightweight, but it is also very easy to set up. You can read the instruction manual and use the remote to explore the settings. The 1000-lumen projector offers great contrast and brightness. 

Users don’t have to spend their time or energy maintaining the projector as it does not need it. It delivers 125% rec. 709 color accuracy delivers vivid images with bright visuals. The projector also works as great equipment to give powerful presentations. You can also connect the projector to Alexa and give sound instructions. 

Pros and Cons


  • 3W speakers
  • 1000 lumen brightness
  • 125% rec. 709 picture clarity
  • Reflective light technology
  • Comes with a remote
  • Easy to set up
  • 8 feet 9 inches maximum screen size


  • Constant motion smoothing effect
  • Unclear picture quality in dark scenes
  • Not great UI

Final Verdict 

Looking for a projector under $1000 with impeccable features, look no further because ViewSonic M2 is the perfect match. It has a 1080p display and vivid image display quality, making it ideal. The ultra-portable design is a user’s favorite because you can carry it anywhere and entertain yourself. Users appreciate its 100-inches maximum display for an intense cinematic experience. 

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