ViewSonic M2e Review


A huge projector with a wonky design is not something everyone likes. You need to get your hands on a projector with a sleek design and the right brightness for vivid videos. Portability, clarity, and longevity are a few features that make a projector worth purchasing.  

Upon hunting the market, we found one of the best projectors. ViewSonic M2e is the top projector model with everything you could need. 

The ViewSonic projector is a great investment for people who are movie fanatics. The ultra-lightweight design makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere. Up to 100 inches of the display is ideal for watching your favorite characters on a bigger screen.  

With three-watt speakers filling the room with seamless sound, you will have a remarkable experience. You don’t only have a fun time watching movies, but it also provides a fair gaming experience. Want to have a fun Livestream and Netflix all-day experience? ViewSonic is the best possible investment; let’s dive in further! 

Overview of ViewSonic M2e 

ViewSonic M2e has positively surprised users with more than one feature. It is an ideal projector for wonderful outdoor and indoor experiences. Whether you want to have a movie night under the stars or watch a series in the comfort of your bedroom, it is a great option. 

The ViewSonic M2 is meant for movie fanatics making it easier to have a cinematic experience at home. It is also a versatile piece apt for business presentations. Hence, it is an affordable device for watching movies, playing video games, and giving business presentations. It has an irresistible design which you will most likely enjoy. 

Key specifications 

Model name  M2e 
Mounting type Table, wall or ceiling mount 
Hardware interface  USB type C, type A, HDMI. MicroSD, Bluetooth 
Wattage  54 watts 

Features of ViewSonic M2 

  • The seamless design 

One of the best parts about the ViewSonic M2e is that it is made to look pleasing to the eye. It has a seamless gray finish rather than looking like a large chalky white box. It weighs 1 kilogram which is super light, and its ultra-portability features make it easier to carry around. 

The white glossy finish makes the projector more reflective and aesthetically pleasing. We look at the stepless stand as you can mount it on the wall or ceiling or keep it on the table. The modern design is apt to match your home’s vibe. A separate remote comes with it making it easier to operate it. 

The USB reader, card reader, and micro-SD card make the projector multifunctional and easier. With hardware interfaces like USB type-A, type-C, and HDMI, you get access to ultimate entertainment. The projector has a smaller design making it fit into any of your travel bags. 

  • Highly efficient performance 

The projector provides a highly efficient performance compared to its price. It has 127% Rec. 709 color accuracy making the videos appear more vivid. It has an impeccable brightness option allowing you to achieve more clarity. However, it is advisable to keep brightness at 50% more clarity. 

The projector has a 100-inches maximum screen size with three meters of throw. It maintains a 1080p LED display which does not disrupt even at the largest screen setting. The auto-focus is automatic, and self-adjusting technology makes it a breeze to watch fast-motion scenes. It looks like a breeze whether you watch fast-motion scenes or slower ones. 

  • Premium-quality audio 

If you are wondering if you need an external speaker with it, you won’t. You would enjoy the sound clarity of in-built Harman Kardon speakers in indoor spaces. The three-watt speakers work well in a closed environment. 

The audio is room-filling and does not disperse when you increase the volume. It has Bluetooth connectivity technology which you can use to give the sound a boost. You can only connect Bluetooth for audio and not for pictures. You can get an immersive viewing experience with powerful speakers. 

  • 1000 lumens 

The ViewSonic M2e projectors work quite well in bright environments as well. However, the projector adds intense clarity in darker surroundings. With 1000 lumens brightness, you can watch videos in quality and have a great time. The horizontal and vertical keystone correction works ideally for picture correction. 

The projector also has a time-to-flight technology that auto-adjusts the screen brightness and color corrects. The vivid images look intensely bright, which gives you a wonderful experience. Whether in an indoor or outdoor space, you will love the picture quality. It delivers a great projection making you have a great cinematic experience. 

  • An ample screen size 

The ViewSonic M2e has a larger screen with a power bank compatibility. You can have a commendable experience wherever you are as the projector is quite portable. The projector throws a 100-inches projection which spreads up to 9 feet on the wall. 

 You can customize the screen size making it shorter or longer depending upon your needs. The projector has auto keystone capabilities which provide you with fast autofocus. It has a vibrant image sensor for better projectability. It is easier and faster to set up, providing an immersive experience that you are bound to enjoy.  


  • Vertical and horizontal keystone adjustment 
  • 9-feet screen projection 
  • 1000 lumens brightness 
  • Time-to-flight technology 
  • Ultra-portable design 


  • Not the best to use in brighter spaces 

Final verdict 

The ViewSonic M2e projector is one of a kind with the best-integrated features to make you have the best time. With in-built Bluetooth speakers, you can have an immersive experience with seamless sound. It has a 100 inches projection size, giving you a proper cinematic feel when having a movie night. The projector is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Owning the projector is a great idea as it can be used for versatile purposes such as giving presentations, gaming, and entertainment. 

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