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The modern-day life is incomplete without using technologically advanced means to ensure that the productivity levels are higher compared to the competitors. Projectors are one of the most integral parts of any professional and educational organization. Since there are thousands of different options available in the market, it was necessary to bring forward the ViewSonic PX701HD review to help you build acquaintance with the best product available in the market.

The visual display quality of any projector stands as its main duty. If the visual display colors are up to the mark, only then will the viewers be satisfied. This is why it is the most important aspect to look forward to. Also, the question of using a projector from a specific brand helps us understand that the quality of that particular product is ensured.

In this review article, you will come across some of the unique characteristics and specifications of the ViewSonic PX701HD. This will, in turn, help get to know the product in a better manner.

Overview of ViewSonic

ViewSonic is a worldwide operational organization that has been producing excellent products. The company currently has offices in China, the USA, the UK, and Taiwan. The Chairman and the CEO of the company is James Chu. The company deals in different optical and display devices. This includes a variety of Monitors, projectors, and interactive video output devices. If we talk about the projectors in question, then the company does not only offers the manufactured projectors. It also offers installation and repairing services to the customers to help in building a strong customer base.

Although the projectors are different for business and education purposes, you will find the PS600X to be the best classroom projector and the trending product by ViewSonic. But if we talk about ViewSonic PX701HD, this is a product with vertical lens shift and Super Color Technology embedded in it. The 3500 ANSI Lumens offer full HD 1080p video quality, thus making it the perfect projector.

Key Specifications

Model NamePX701HD
Hardware interfaceVGA, USB, HDMI
Mounting typeCeiling Mount
Wattage300 Watts

Features of ViewSonic PX701HD

  • Immersive colors

The color delivery is the most important factor of the video output devices. This is why the Immersive theater-like color of ViewSonic PX701HD in full HD on the screen with the resolution of (1920 x 1080p) can provide perfect results on a screen of size up to 300 inches without any fade in the colors.

  • Brighter display

The brightness of the display determines the capability of the viewers to capture the image. High brightness is always helpful in getting the perfect colors. The ViewSonic PX701HD is equipped with 3500 lumens brightness that is perfect for projecting the video output in different conditions. The performance will not be affected in a brighter or darker environment.

  • Cinematic colors

The quality of the video output depends upon the quality of the colors being projected. This is why the Exclusive SuperColorTM technology is embedded in the ViewSonic PX701HD, offering the viewers multiple ranges of color gamut. So that the users can enjoy the excellent image projection in all the states, whether it be an educational or a professional setup.

  • No lagging

The gaming and action lovers do not deserve lagging. Neither do they have patience for it. This is why most gamers always seek the products that offer the least lagging. The reduced 16MS input latency is the factor that will help you in enjoying smooth images while you are engaged in action-packed gaming because of the least delay in the processing.

  • Easy adjustments and setups

The easy-to-use product is preferable to the ones that are not easily adjustable. This is why the ViewSonic PX701HD is equipped with 1.1x optical zoom along with a vertical lens shift that is perfect for the up and down adjustments of the image, offering ease of setup and adjustments.

  • Enhanced lamp life

The most integral part of the projectors and video output devices is their capability for projection. Similarly, in the case of the projectors, the lamps are responsible for the image projection. If the life of the lamp is longer, then the projector will also last long and vice versa. The ViewSonic PX701HD is equipped with a Super Eco mode. This allows the lamp to shine for up to 20,000 hours. On average, this means that you can use the projector for a display of 5 hours for almost ten years every day. Thus, depicting an increased lifetime of the projector.

  • Easy integration and versatile nature

The usage and the application of any product depend upon its integration with similar other devices. The larger the integration circle, the vast will be the applications of the product. The ViewSonic PX701HD is a TV projector easily integrated with different devices, including Roku, Chromecast, and Fire Tv Stick. This vast integration circle allows the projector to be perfectly used for educational, entertainment, and professional purposes.


  • Affordable and low-cost product
  • The highest brightness ensures a non-faded picture throw
  • Good display contrast
  • Less lagging and fast reaction time makes it a perfect product for gamers
  • Offers 3D quality


  • There is no HDR support available
  • The maximum input resolution limit is 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) for PCs, and for other video sources, it is 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • A few colors in every picture mode are off-target under the default settings.

Final Verdict

The ViewSonic PX701HD review will help you understand that the product is meant for both homes and professional spaces. However, the projector requires minor color accuracy adjustments during the videos and gaming projections. The enhanced brightness is perfect for viewing larger images on a canvas of up to 300 inches. Also, the low lag characteristics make it the product of choice for gamers. 

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