ViewSonic PX706HD Review

Audiences are going crazy after this ViewSonic PX706HD short throw projector. Do you want to know why? Please go through the complete details on the ViewSonic PX706HD review. You can ask us if you still have any ambiguity regarding how reliable and high-performing this projector is.

It is the short throw projector that shows 3000 Lumens, and the contrast ratio is 22,000:1. The Low Input Lag mechanism and 3D compatibility are its other USPs. It is the top-most projector version for gaming and streaming that you must try out. Rest, it has a short throw lens, and the projected image reaches up to 100 inches even if you place the projector a few feet away.

Thus, it is the best suggestion for gaming sessions and movie time. The HD 1920×1080 resolution gives you ultra-sharp images and stunning graphics. On the other hand, ultra-low input latency keeps the frame-by-frame action mode faster and smoother.

Overview of ViewSonic PX706HD

The most highlighting part of the ViewSonic PX706HD model is its brightness scale reaching up to 3000 ANSI lumens. You catch up with crystal clear images and superior picture quality. Even if you have set up this projector in a fully bright room or ambient lit room, clear and distorted-free image quality is promised. Fine detailing, super sharpness, and crystal clarity are guaranteed due to the Full HD 1080p and 1920×1080 resolution.

Thus, all these features endorse to display razor-sharp images. Furthermore, the short throw lens enables big projection whether you have placed it in a small or large room. You will not believe it, but this is actually true that the projected image can go as far as 300 inches.

It means big picture, big projection, and clarity; this is what the ViewSonic PX706HD model offers. Moreover, the SuperColor technology keeps the color scheme realistic and balanced. You will get top picture quality and zero blurriness issues when placing this projector in dark or bright environments.

ViewSonic PX706HD Review

ViewSonic PX706HD Review

Key Features

  • Bright Images
  • 1920.1080 Resolution
  • SuperColor Technology
  • Gaming Mode
  • 3D Viewing
  • Automated Sleep Timer

Key Specifications

ModelPX706HDMounting typeWall mount
ProjectionUp to 300 inchesLens Short throw lens
Colors qualityCinematicUSPLong lamp life

Features of ViewSonic PX706HD

Below you can see what essential features the ViewSonic PX706HD has:

1. Bright Images

You will get bright images and crisp picture quality every time. The images look distorted-free and brighter under all sorts of lighting conditions. Due to the high brightness scale, the image quality and overall sharpness improve, and a 100% cinematic vibe is witnessed. Furthermore, the 3,000 ANSI lumens rating does not wash out the picture quality when gaming, streaming, or watching movies on this projector; even the lights are on!

2. 1920.1080 Resolution

As mentioned, the PX706HD is a full HD and 1080p projector. The 1920 x 1080 resolution promises to keep the image quality fine, sharp, and 100% hazy-free. Whether gaming or streaming, the digital content looks finely and crisply tuned, and you can easily distinguish all the in-game elements.

3. SuperColor Technology

The PX706HD projector will always give you the best in class and high-end color performance because Super-Color technology has been used. Audiences experience a wider color range. In other words, you catch up with a true-to-life color projection time whether this projector is set up in bright, dark, or dim environments.

4. Gaming Mode

You can spot enemies conveniently in the dark if you are gaming on the PX706HD projector. Due to the pre-set gaming mode, you will get heightened visibility and enhanced contrast. When the game shows the dark areas, you can even independently manipulate the brightness scale. Thus, the gamers receive responsive and 100% controlled playing time. Due to the 3X fast input mode, all of the in-game commands will be able to hassle-freely displayed on-screen, and you can eventually take your whole gaming and playing experience to a higher and epic level.

5. Audio Specialized System and enlarged speaker chamber

The induction of a specialized audio system makes the PX706HD projector more top-notch. The brand has guaranteed that the audio mode of this device has been fine-tuned and makes the gaming and streaming experience immersive. You get a clear sound and hear the in-game dialogues without any difficulty. There is an enlarged speaker chamber and a powerful amplifier that makes the whole room filled with cinematic sound quality.

6. 3D Viewing

PX706HD successfully projects and effortlessly exhibits the 3D content onto the screen. Rest, it is compatible with PC systems and other gaming consoles. You can connect it with Xbox or PS4 through dual HDMI inputs.

7. Automated Sleep Timer

You do not have to worry while thinking about whether you shut off the projector or not! The PX706HD model has an automated sleep timer infused in it. It shuts off on its own and enters into the automatic sleep mode when not in use.

Pros & Cons


  • Theater-like experience
  • Exclusive Color technology
  • Short throw lens


  • Limited compatibility


Why the projector image gets so dark?

The projector image gets dark because the cables might not be connected correctly. You need to check whether the cables are inserted and appropriately attached to the projector or not. Furthermore, avoid using long cables and prefer the shorter cables. Try positioning the projector close to the screen and replacing the lamp if the image is still dark.

How to know if the projector bulb has become out of order?

The projector bulb gets out of order when it gives a popping sound and starts showing the indicator light as a warning sign. In addition, the projected image becomes dim, shifts color in an unbalanced manner, and flickers the image as well.

How to brighten the projector?

There is an easy way to brighten the projector. You can maximize and enhance its brightness by keeping the room dark and closing the windows and blinds. Direct sunlight reduces the projector’s brightness, so avoid setting it up in a brightly lit room. Turn off the lights too!


Thus, lots of home projector models are there, and it gets difficult for the audiences to choose which suits their preferences, needs, and taste and is the top-performing one! But the ViewSonic PX706HD is a versatile and great performing 1080p home projector which delivers the short-throw projection, sharpness, crisp picture quality, 1.2X optical zoom feature, and gaming mode. Do let us know your experience whenever you try it out!

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